Frequently Asked Questions


Q – What kind of Information does the AFP Judges Database include?

A – Level of Judging Certification, Availability, Location, Willingness to Travel, Past Experience, and Comments from Previous Head Judges. All the information you need to decide if a judge’s qualification and travel costs are appropriate for your event and budget.

Q – How will the 2017 Judging Program promote accountability and professionalism?

A – The AFP is working towards accountability and professionalism through the integration of consistent and detailed head judge reports, a new detailed (Resume Based) judges database, as well as instituting standardized pay rates.

Q – Can anyone just take the test and be assigned to an event purely based off their test score?

A – No, the online judging certification test is simply the first step in the AFP Judging Program process. Once certified you must earn your stripes by judging lower level events, developing a resume, developing your skills, remaining active in your Freeskiing education and consistently demonstrating professionalism and knowledge of our process.

Q – Why standardized pay for judges?

A – Standardizing allows for the following benefits:
•    Ensures fair compensation for AFP Certified Judges
•    Encourages professionalism and accountability on behalf of judges
•    Allows for easy budgeting/planning for both judges and events

Q – How were the minimum standardized pay rates decided for each level of event?

A – The information that was taken into consideration to decide these minimum rates came from three sources: 1.) An event organizer survey 2.) AFP Head Judges 3.) AFP Scoring Judges. We wanted to ensure that minimum rates represented a realistic rate that events will be able to pay, while still ensuring the judges feel fairly compensated for their services.

Q – What if my event has/will pay more than your published rates?

A – That’s great - and is probably a top reason why Judges love your event. We encourage you to continue this practice.

Q – What about travel pay? Training days? Per Diem?

A – We strongly encourage you to include a per diem and training day compensation. It is critical for judges to be onsite and participating in practice/training. This allows them to be fully prepared for what’s to come during comp days. Because events and competition schedules vary considerably from event to event, we decided to keep our pay requirement to comp days only for this first-year rollout.

Q – What if I’m unable to meet your pay rate minimums?

A – The goal of minimum required judging pay rates is to create fair, consistent, and transparent pay rates for judges. Our goal is not to create unnecessary rules or policies. That being said, if minimum required rates are not met, the AFP will first reference your event’s head judge report to find out if minimum rates were paid out. If not, the AFP will invoice your event for the difference and deliver the remaining amount to the judges accordingly. If payment is still not received, the AFP will communicate this shortcoming to the judging community and also take this fact into consideration when evaluating future event sanctioning opportunities.

Q – How do I calculate the total cost of my event’s judging Services?

A – Cost/ Scoring Judge = (# Training days * Training rate) + (# Competition Days * SJ Comp Rate)
         Cost/ Head Judge =  (# Training days * Training rate) + (# of Competition Days * HJ Comp Rate)
         Total Judging Rate = (# Scoring Judges * Cost/Scoring Judge) + (Cost/Head Judge)
         This does not include per diems or travel reimbursement.

Q – At what level events does the AFP guarantee judge scheduling and procurement?

A – Only Gold & Platinum level events will receive scheduling and procurement services; while Silver and Bronze level events have access to the AFP Judges Database to source their judges.

Q – How are judges assigned to certain events, how is priority decided?

A – First, we will ask you, the event organizer, for the names of judges you would like at your event.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your requested judge(s).  Second, judges are assigned to events based off of a variety of criteria. When making a decision we consider the certification level, experience, and past performance, while still considering the logistics and travel costs associated with getting a judge to the event location. This is a fine balance between a judge’s and events best interest.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to implement a first come first service system or base priority off of a test score. The AFP Judging Certification Program is a process; the test is simply the first step.

Q – So I can request specific judges for my panel? Judges that have worked my event in the past?

A – Yes.  Send us your requests and we will contact those individuals first, provided they are currently certified at the appropriate level.

Q – As an event organizer, what do I do if I have a problem with something regarding AFP Judging at my event?

A – Please fill out the Event Organizer Report provided by the AFP through initial email communications. In this report, please explain in detail the problem you had and the specific parties involved. From here, the AFP can address the situation head on and avoid similar situations from happening in the future.